Our volunteers have been hard at work over the winter months preparing new oak doors which will replace the existing doors of the scoop wheel which were found to be very rotten.

In the picture below work has begun to remove the old doors and replace the frames which are attached to the building.  The high standard of workmanship and pride our volunteers have in their work is very obvious in this picture



The original timber can be seen below, it is very soft, a lot is missing and full of woodworm holes!  We believe this is the same oak which would have been in use over 80 years ago.  The existing bevelled edge on the doors and the workmanship lead us to think this was not from the renovation works in the 1970s (when a perfect seal against the doors was no longer necessary) but from an earlier time when the steam engine was in operation.

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Dave · 11/05/2023 at 9:42 pm

Although it’s great to see the pointing doors working, the big advantage at the moment – while they are not in position – is that you get a REALLY good view of the scoop wheel working.

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