On Sunday 4 September from 12.30 to 4.30pm the historic Dogdyke Pumping Station will host a gathering of oil engines by members of the Lincolnshire Oil Engine Club. Engines of all shapes and sizes that once provided essential power to workshops; pumping water; generated electricity, drove milking machines and other farm machinery will be on show and working. Several of these engines were made in Lincolnshire by such as Ruston and Hornsby and Blackstone and Robey.

Dogdyke Pumping Station’s own Ruston and Hornsby 7XHR oil engine of 1940 will be in operation. It is still in its original condition in its purpose-built pump house and can be used by the Witham Internal Drainage Board if required.

Alongside the Ruston oil engine house is the building holding the unique Bradley and Craven steam engine built in 1856. This remarkable survivor will be at work powering the large wooden scoop wheel that lifted water out of the drain and into the river Witham.

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GEORGE CRAVEN · 31/08/2022 at 8:15 am

I intend to finally revisit Dogdyke on Sept 4th, after many years……I recall attending the original opening of the site with my late father Robert Craven. I worked in the Bradley & Craven (Craven Fawcett) business for 18years until its demise in 1997. The company still exists – now being part of the Joseph Rhodes Group still based in Wakefield and I am told ‘doing well’. A bit of nostalgia for me!

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