Come and join us at the

Dogdyke Pumping Station Preparation Day

on Saturday 20 April 2024.


The site is open from 10.30am to 4.00pm

when we will be getting the site ready for our first Open Day.

You can join us any time and stay as long as you are able.


There will be an opportunity to learn how the oil engine operates and have a lesson on starting and stopping the Ruston engine.


During the day we will be cleaning up the site ready to receive our first visitors on Sunday 5 May.


Cleaning, polishing, painting, digging, trimming hedges, are just some of the things that need doing.


It is also a fun day when we can get to know each other.


Tea and coffee are provided: please bring your own lunch.


It would be extremely helpful if you would let us know if you hope to come.  Contact: or 07464948549

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